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Well, you, of course. That’s if you’re already a cat lover and have one or two of your own. Isn’t it true that taking care of your cat’s poop tray is one of the most arduous tasks on your list of taking good care of your pet? This is true, even though it only takes a couple of minutes to clean out your cat’s poop tray. If there are any of you out there that are grumbling or complaining about this necessary chore, then you should at least be grateful.

You should be grateful that domestic cats remain the cleanest and most hygienic amongst the lot. You should take time out of your busy schedule some time and spend a few minutes observing your cat’s behavior. Watch out for when your cat decides that it’s time for its next wash. This can happen several times during the day. Remember, we did say that cats are the cleanest animals about. A good time to observe just how thoroughly a cat cleans its coat is just after it has had its dinner.

This can be a fascinating encounter and could also serve as a good lesson on hygiene for both you and your kids. The cat won’t rest until every last hair of its fine coat, right down to its tail, is clean and washed. It will be using its tongue to moisturize its body. And do you know what else? It does the same thing all over again once it’s been to the loo. First things first on the cat’s list of toilet cleaning, yes, it cleans its own toilet; is to cover the just exposed litter as thoroughly as possible.

It won’t rest until every last grain of the cat litter has covered its poop. Cat’s sense of smell is far more acute than ours. You’ll notice that even though its poop has been thoroughly covered, it will still whiff about until it is satisfied that every last remaining odor is gone. If you have a cat litter tray and litter smelling badly and not covered properly, then you can be sure that something is up. Something is not quite right with this cat litter.

It might be time to scan the internet for better and more hygienic options. It might be a good time to finally settle for the possible. This won’t be such an arduous task, because there are so many branded choices out there. Your regular online reviewers, all dedicated to their mission of serving cats and their owners better, are doing you a favor too. They are breaking down the choices and compiling short and easy samples from which you can hit the button and make a final choice.

They’ll be talking about smells, poop sizes and consistencies and the litter granules that might just suit your little kitten. They’ll also be reminding you that if all is not well down there, it might also be time to take the poor fellow to the vet.